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Step in Reusable Shoe Cover (Pair)

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These hands-free shoe covers snap onto your shoes with no hassle and it helps to keep the house clean. They are more durable and environmentally friendly. The Step in Sock is a unique alternative to using the disposable shoe covers.

  • Once you place your foot on the top of the Step In Sock, the device will immediately wrap itself around the bottom of your shoes.
  • These step-in shoe covers allow you to use them over and over again without having to throw away some plastic after every use
  • The instant shoe cover is used by placing the device on a clean flat surface, then just step your foot on the middle of the device and it will instantly wrap around your shoe, covering the entire bottom area, as well as keeping in any dirt that might fall off your shoe.
  • To remove the Step In Sock, just peel it off your shoe, and take it with you.
  • The best part about these step-in shoe covers is that you can use them over and over again without having to create extra waste and plastic use.
  • Comes in pairs.
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Package includes: 2 x Step in Reusable Shoe Cover

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30 reviews for Step in Reusable Shoe Cover (Pair)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Jessica Kimberly

    Works great. I’m self employed. A lot of my clients prefer no shoes in their homes. They would offer me a pair of shoe covers like this on my visits and eventually wanted a pair that I owned. I purchased a Lg and it is an exact fit on size 10/11 Womens tennis shoes (mens would be about a 9). They wash very well. Bleach doesnt seem to affect them too much, granted I haven’t soaked them in it. Been wearing them for weeks now. They look exactly like they do in the picture. The non slip works great. I haven’t noticed any wear on the rubber. I work on a mixture of carpet, wood flooring, coarked flooring and tile each week.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Chan Bertly

    They are too expensive but they are the only shoe covers I could find that actually keep my sneakers clean and dry while I work in the yard. I do a lot of gardening and need to wear expensive sneakers with mesh sides, high arches and, special shock absorbing insoles. I tried many different shoe covers but they all let in the dirt and water or didn’t fit properly. I wear a women’s size 8 sneaker and got the size L cover. I wish I had purchased XL for even more coverage of my laces. I could not return the useless, disposable, plastic shoe covers I bought so I wear them over my reusable shoe covers. The flimsy reusable covers get holes in the soles within moments but at least they keep some of the gardening dirt off my nice reusable MyShoe Covers. A quick wipe with a wet paper towel keeps MyShoe Covers looking nice. I wore them every day for weeks while doing my Spring gardening chores and they still look like new. Love them.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Mark Evans

    Does exactly what I needed them to. I got these covers for my work out shoes. I have dedicated court and gym shoes, but I wear them to a from the car when I go to work out. With the recent winter weather the parking lots and such have so much ice melt on them, that even that little bit of outside use was tracking too much debris into the class. I didn’t want to carry another pair of shoes so thought covers might be the best solution. I have larger feet (size 14 W) so disposable one use covers were not going to cut it. I found there an they fit the bill perfectly. With their non slip sole and full cover of the sole and upper my Krav School owner has considered having a few on hand to resell to other students. Really good fix for the problem.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Gemma Chessman

    These things are great. We’d been using disposable booties off and on, and the boss wasn’t into using them as much as I would have. After recycling my last pair of disposable ones job after job, they finally gave up. Instead of begging for another pair, I bought these and now my job life is so much easier. I wear lace-up boots on job sites, and should I need to get to areas that are not protected, I simply grab these babies and I am able to move around much easier. Plus, they look WAY more professional than the disposable ones, and look that they’ll last for damn-near-ever!

  5. 5 out of 5

    Loanaid Dacosta

    Parents are looking for a house to buy. Dad has big feet (13 4EEE!) and the typical shoe covers at open houses don’t fit his shoes, plus because of knee problems, he has a hard time picking up his foot high enough to struggle those type of covers on. These are super stretchy at the top, have a nice grippy bottom (but not so grippy that he trips on it), and are easy to get on and off over his shoes. This saves us a lot of time, frustration, and prevents the safety hazard of him trying to wear the slippery, ill-fitting shoe covers provided by the real estate agents. He just picks his foot up a little and I easily stretch the shoe covers over his shoes and done! Such a great solution for us.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Margaret Jordan

    These are awesome shoe covers. Really worth every penny, saves over disposable covers. I just wash them off and they are like new again. Nice sixes that fit over my boots without any problems. My customers love them and how clean their floors stay. No more ordering the disposable, I will buy these again when they wear out, which after a month they are still just like new so that will be a while. Great product.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Kristen Deleon

    I use these as a professional and I’m in and out of customers homes multiple times per service call. These are great. They fit very nice and have very good elastic to slip on and off over your shoes or boots with ease. They also have a very good grip. Walking on peoples hard wood floors and also having to use A ladders and extension ladders you need good grip!!! You do not want to slide around or walk up ladders in your socks or the cheap fabric disposable covers. They seem like they will hold up to a lot of use. Definitely a professional must have!!!

  8. 5 out of 5

    Bob Kessler

    These reusable shoe covers work exactly as I had hoped they would. My neighbor’s tree is loaded with purple berries that fall to the ground and cover a sizable part of my yard. The problem: when I mow my lawn, I step on hundreds of these juicy berries. That stuff sticks to the ribbed soles of my boots and is then tracked into my garage and eventually into the house. When my Shoe Covers arrived, I slipped them over my cleaned up size 13 boots and proceeded to mow my lawn as usual. When finished, I simply removed the Shoe Covers, examined them and found lots of smashed berry spots on their soles. These spots washed right off of the shoe covers. The soles of my boots were perfectly clean!

  9. 5 out of 5

    Gemma Douglas

    Everything positive anyone else shared in reviews gets “ditto” from me! My own story is I am a woman with feet disability. Having some mobility as long as I wear big heavy orthotic shoes, I discovered it is often much easier to wear shoe covers in my home and wash them than clean and polish my shoes. I tried some much cheaper ones, and they quickly began to fall apart. It really IS worth it to pay more for these as I can tell how much sturdier and safer for wear these will be…and, joy, I got TWO pairs!!! On sizing, I am wearing what probably is a woman’s size eleven and the extra large are perfect, with a little room to spare. 😇🌷🎵🗽

  10. 5 out of 5

    Krasti Calcom

    The covers came exactly as described. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the covers. The sole is a sturdy rubber that grips really well onto slipper floors, yet it doesn’t make a squeaky sound. The materials and the seams look quite strong, and promising to last for a while. The covers are big enough to put on large boots – I wear size eleven boots, and had no problem putting them on.

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