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(17 customer reviews)

Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder

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  • MAGNETIC MOUNT – Simple design slips right into the air vent and magnetically attaches your cell phone with the pre-installed metal plate on the back, or the any protective case. The universal magnetic car mount feature 4 powerful magnets built into the mount head ensure your phone stay securely when you are driving. (Thicker phone cases may interfere with magnetic adhesion)
  • OPTIMAL USAGE – For direct mounting of metal plates to phone, use the included protection film provided BEFORE placing the metal plate. Then, place the metal plate over the film to prevent any damage to the device by the adhesive tape.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: The reinforced dual-sized claw allow a perfect fit with almost any air vent. The rubberized exterior increase grip and keep your car’s air vent scratch-free. Easy to remove, the iPhone car mount can easily be stored in a glove box during times of non-use.
  • NO HASSLE MOUNT: Magnetic design means, no cradles, brackets, clamps or gel and sticky residue. Eliminates the unsightly features of most car mounts. (NOTE: Metal plates will interfere with wireless charging capabilities. Remove the metal page before using a wireless charge) Compatible with all smartphones,iPhone,Galaxy,HTC,Xperia,Nokia,LG,Nexus,Pixel.
  • Versatile Viewing: Highly-flexible rotation provides infinite viewing angles. Position your phone at the perfect angle to enjoy a more relaxed and safer drive.
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  • SIMPLE & CLEAN: Ramkon car mount easily clips to any smooth surface without leaving any residue behind. It can also be relocated very easily.
  • DURABLE & EASY TO USE: No adjustable clamps or arms to mess around with due to its one touch technology feature. Our Car Phone Holder is designed to attach securely to any surface.
  • SECURE & SAFE: Holds all types of phones and even GPS devices safely and securely. This is thanks to the mount’s super magnet being enclosed in a high quality rubber casing ensuring maximum grip and stability.
  • PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: Allowing it to be transferred between different vehicles easily. Lightest car mount for car.
  • CONVENIENT & VERSATILE: Can be used all year round and even while at home, at work or in-flight as a desk/tray stand.

Package Content:

  • 1pc Magnetic Car Phone GPS Holder

for Smartphone iPhone X 8 7 Plus 6S 6 5s 5 SE, Galaxy S8 S7 S6 Edge, Note 8 5 4 2 and Mini Tablets (Compatible Most Case)

17 reviews for Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder

  1. 5 out of 5

    Sam Clark

    This is a simple but effective product. It slid into the vent of my car without any difficulty and holds the phone securely during normal operation of the vehicle. Very handy! There are cases that come with the magnets pre-installed, but there are also magnets included. Works great!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Steve San

    It works well looks good, one thing I can say is the clear adhesive didn’t take on the back of my phone so I put the magnet directly on the case not on the adhesive it fell right off. Also be aware of course once your mobile phone is on the vent it will block your AC flow from that vent.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Kimberley Anderson

    This is a pretty cool mount. I’m very minimal and like it when the job done in the least bulkiest way. This accomplishes that for me. Very sleek and small. Sits in my air vent just fine. I have an iPhone 7 Plus, which is a pretty big phone, in a lifeproof case. I was worried it wouldn’t hold which would make the mount useless. But I was surprised and happy to see it holds just fine. Even over bumps in the road. The magnet is strong though I wish it was a tad stronger or maybe even a little bit bigger. I knocked a star off only because my husband has an otterbox case on his samsung galaxy s6, and I gave the second magnet to him, we placed it under the very first layer of the case and it still wouldn’t hold. At least not very well. Hit a bump or turn too fast and it falls off. It’s just too heavy of a case for this magnet, which sucks. But can be fixed if he just gets a different case, but still. I like that I don’t need to fidget with clips or something to click on to my phone to mount it. I just place it on the magnet and go. Especially great when I’m connected to Bluetooth.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Paul Asbury

    This is the second car mount I’ve ordered and they work very well. At first I was skeptical that the magnet would not hold when I hit a pot hole but the magnet has never given way even driving through the huge craters populating the streets of Chicago.

  5. 5 out of 5

    John Billington

    Exactly what I needed for safe hands-free driving and it easily locks in on the vents in your car which makes it great for transferring from car to car. Highly recommend this item! Bonus! It’s a great stand for watching shows off your phone, and hands free when you multi-task cooking dinner, and talking with your friends!

  6. 4 out of 5

    Eva Smith

    Hold the phone with strong magnet. very easy to attach metal to case or phone and easy to add holder to AC vent.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Barbra Wain

    It works great! I had no problem with it fitting my vent. Very strong magnet with no slipping. I’m so glad I bought this. Highly recommend this product.

  8. 5 out of 5

    Leo Bonuc

    So far so good! Only had it one day but it works great. Only thing is it is metal and I tried to move it after it had been on the vent and the heat had made it hot! Just move it when the heat isn’t on.

  9. 5 out of 5

    Patricia Blake

    Very good material, strong magnet and finesse look. It looks just part of the car.

  10. 5 out of 5

    Cristie Marie

    Works great and has a good grip on my car vent. You get two magnets and I currently only use the one and I have it on the back of my pop socket. My iPhone 8 connects flawlessly every time even if it’s not directly centered. I love the sleekness of this product and design. I would buy it again if needed.

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