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2A Dual USB Port Wall Home Travel Charger Adapter

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Shorten up your recharging spans by charging two devices simultaneously with one power adapter. The 2A Dual USB Port Wall Home Travel Charger Adapter has 2 USB ports to ensure that you have always got a means to charge your tablet and smartphone at the same time. The 2.1 A Dual USB Charger comes with standard USB sockets that make it compatible with most smartphones and tablets so that it can serve as a handy backup solution for most of the users.

Made with security in mind, the 2.1 A Dual USB Charger safeguards your devices from overload and short circuits to ensure a long life. Small and compact, the Dual USB Charger can fit into any space or your pockets to recharge your smartphone and tablet whether you are home or on travels. The smooth and fine finish of the elegant white adapter is another attractive aspect about it.

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